We originally envisioned the unanimously known air guitar brought to life with the Thalmic Myo and our everyday smartphone, but we realized that we were beaten to the punch just weeks ago by another group of hackers. Three of us also play the cello (one made of wood and not air), an instrument that produces sound with a clear emphasis on a single string, as opposed to the guitar's more all-encompassing strum. The original idea only accounted for the displacement of the Myo to represent our "strum," and we took it a step further to use the Myo's built-in gestures to select which string to play.

We hope that our now 36-hour-old knowledge of Android development has expanded on the flexibility of the Myo to capture movement without relying on extra camera or sensor apparatuses. With the power of Android, the sounds and controls of our application can be customized to emulate any instrument of the symphony, while still able to fit inside our pockets.

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