MyNYPLive is video-enhanced patient engagement, to help Transitions of Care. In an era of Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix, and with the meteoric rise in Saturday Night Live's "Digital Shorts", consumers don't just want portals with things to click on and read. But we do love watching and sharing video-based experiences.

Empowered patients are more likely to be compliant with their medications, make less risky and more cost effective decisions, and are more confident in the management of their health outcomes.

On top of this, hospitals simply don't have time to explain everything to patients! And that's okay -- we can use the power of video to transcend time and space, literally. Patients can watch a video from in the hospital, on their way out, and at home, and receive supplementary education and assessment from human-based clinicians and health educators and care coordinators. By levering video technology, a hospital -- particularly population health management entities like ACOs -- may improve the efficiency of their care management services.

So enough of that. Techies, here are some features that we've hacked together (and hopefully Heroku will hold up against all the gems and APIs we've jammed in!)

LIVE VIDEO TELEHEALTH : on-demand and follow-ups with online scheduling and insurance eligibility checks (because hospitals and doctors like to get paid) via Eligible API, OpenTok/TokBox API, MakePlans API and WebRTC

"DIGITAL SHORTS" : Short educational videos matched on patient data elements, matched to your health data and needs like diseases, diet & medication (via tag matching of CCR/CCDA mapped into a Ruby on Rails data framework and ideally HealthVault health record data)

SOCIAL FEATURES - Let patients help each other. Peer-curated, Physician-reviewable, Health video voting that allows both provider-supplied professional content and user-generated content (e.g. a patient explaining their disease or medication) to co-exist and be curated naturally. (via YouTube API and Acts_as_Votable RoR gem)

NEW MOBILE-FRIENDLY RESPONSIVE DESIGN. Designed to help patients understand their own health data, with high-contrast toggle for the vision impaired. Accomplished via adaptations of Bootstrap with HHS Blue Button.JS & ProtoRx frameworks (hi #BlueButton team!)... and because just meeting regulatory requirements in the "View, Download, Transmit" and portal requirements in Meaningful Use Stage 2 still doesn't get to Engage, Understand, and Impact.

Note/apology: We hit some huge road bumps on Sunday 3/16 morning with some Heroku deployment issues -- our Gemfile and the Javascript implementation started suffering, but you're welcome to see our tortured history and development online at GitHub.

Thanks! David Tsay, MD ; Henry Wei, MD ; Brian Sisney ; Jackie Arnett, RD ; Mike Hua ; Claudia Paz ; Isabel Fan ; Lucas GarciaDePolaVieja

Team MeddTube at the InnovateNYP Hackathon (see our team page at

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