Special thanks to NYP's Hope Copperstone, Vepuka Kauari, Tammy Compagnone, and SarahJane Guida.


Medyear is a consumer-facing personal health management application that is elevating the healthcare experience for everyone. For this NYP App Challenge, we sought to transform a key element of the NYP patient experience: the hospital visit. With the "check-in" feature, Medyear now helps you to easily navigate your hospital visit experience, starting with a check in for your appointment. When you check-in, you can also report on how you're feeling and also capture a selfie. Best of all? As you are getting your care, your NYP care team is also able to track your progress through their Medyear Enterprise app. At the end of your visit, you're offered a chance to rate your experience. And when you're not at the hospital, with Medyear you can send secure messages right to your care team, manage appointments, and keep track of your medical records. See the tour of the patient's check-in experience here: https://invis.io/UT7DZMNHX

Medyear Enterprise

Medyear Enterprise is a provider-facing platform for day-to-day patient visit management. Using new technologies like FHIR in a multiple-EMR environment, Medyear Enterprise can establish multiple connections with all modern EMRs simultaneously. In using standard FHIR resources, Medyear Enterprise can utilize formerly-siloed clinical data to facilitate certain workflows and clinical tasks, such as reviewing lab results. With an eye to human-centered design, we developed a "Pediatric Visit Tracker" that will elevate the experience for NYP staff who are caring for very sick kids. Similar to the existing NYP adult visit tracker, this pediatric visit tracker will provide progress updates as a patient goes through the various steps in a hospital visit. NYP staff can see when patients have checked in for an appointment, monitor their appointment times, stay updated on visit progress, view labs results in real-time, and approve the release of lab reports. Beyond the visit tracker, Medyear Enterprise also lets physicians securely chat with patients and their families. We are starting with pediatric oncology, but this approach can be adapted and deployed to other hospital departments and eventually automated with algorithms. See the tour of the NYP provider experience here: https://invis.io/PF7DZMDW3


Feeling bored? Try our new game, Kino, an awesome virtual reality experience that takes you out of the hospital and into a crazy colorful world where you fight the cancer! This VR game will incorporate your own white blood cell count to give you power-ups, and teach you about how your immune system works in the fight against disease. Using Samsung Gear VR headsets with sanitizable covers, players will experience total video and audio immersion in Kino's world. Here's a video preview: https://vimeo.com/167660123

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Mark Scrimshire posted an update

It is really cool to see the power of FHIR come to fruition. Medyear has been able to connect to multiple FHIR servers and pull information. Once the heavy lifting of connecting to a FHIR Server has been done, extracting specific profiles is a straightforward task and work done working with FHIR resources in one environment translates with minimal effort to new FHIR environments.

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