Who created the project? The project was created by four CUNY students, Caesar Chin, Jacky Chan, Andrew Chen, Patryk Lezon.

What inspired you to create this project? We were inspired to help people build up their investment portfolio and plan for the future.

What does your project actually do? It provides a platform to structure your investments by giving users easy to use tools and a slick, clean design.

How did you build your project? Most of the project was built in React for the front-end and NodeJS for the back-end. We used styled-components to help with our CSS, Material-UI for our other clickable attributes, and CanvasJS for our clean-looking doughnut graph.

Tag the technologies you used throughout your project. -React -CanvasJS -Node.JS -Material-UI -styled-components

What challenges did you face? One challenge that we faced was trying to make many of our components dynamic. We were using a lot of unfamiliar libraries, so we had to spend more time reading and experimenting. Another challenge we faced was the time-constraint because we were not able to create everything we wanted.

What accomplishments are you proud of? Even though we were not able to fit everything we wanted, we are still proud that we were able to implement many of our big ideas and create a great-looking web app.

What did you learn? We improved our skills in React and learned how to properly create a great UI.

What is next for your project? We want to try and implement our financial API better and improve our data management.

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