As we were heading to a room with a white board, we thought how incredibly useful they were, yet how it was not easy for anyone to have a personal white board. And so we started thinking, perhaps we could replace white boards with our TVs, something around the same size that everyone has. This evolved into our replacement of SmartBoards, to save schools across America money, and also help enable teachers to have more technology in the classroom to enhance learning.

What it does

It uses a Myo band as input, which sends data to an Apple TV display. The Myo band tracks wrist motion for cursor movement, and also actions such as clenching your fist to draw, expanding your hand to erase, and double tapping your thumb and index finger to move forward in the powerpoint (the background of the app is a powerpoint slide).

How we built it

We used the Myo API connected to an iPhone that processed the data. The iPhone then simulated a bluetooth controller that connected to the Apple TV, sending inputs.

Challenges we ran into

Sadly, the Myo API does not compile directly onto tvOS, so it was a lot of effort getting the iPhone to simulate a controller properly and send the Myo data to the tv with low latency. (We even had to set up our own mini router with open ports so that we could use Wi-Fi for communication when possible).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a nice working app, with "steady, good vibes" (-David Branse) done in such a short amount of time.

What we learned

How to simulate a controller on the tvOS. How the Myo and its API work.

What's next for MyNote

Making it easier to upload PowerPoint slideshows (perhaps a more fleshed out iPhone helper app). Working with Myo possibly to get the API to run on Apple TV.

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