The changing lifestyle and way of people to get news got us inspired to make a project to make consumption of news much more easily as people don't read or watch news video anymore and thus we needed to come up with a better solution so that they can easily catch up with the world.

What it does

The website basically delivers hyper-local, local, international news in a summarized format with text-to-speech which means that all the news content will be spoken to you by your phone in your choice of language. For example, if you are jogging then its obvious that you cannot watch the news so you can use our app so that it reads out the whole news to you.

How we built it

We built it with lots of lines of code including JAVA language and its integrations like J2EE, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON etc. in 30 hours of time limit during Media-Hackathon. Not to mention it was built with lot of hard-work and love.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges while we were in process of making the website. The most important challenge that we came upon was addressing the problem statement correctly and the solving the drawbacks that came with it like spotting the fake news or making the app more user friendly. Not to mention we had to research those integrations too which we didn't know about.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully integrated the text-to-speech that too in JavaScript. We also made a user friendly interface with location integration in it.

What we learned

We learned very important values like teamwork and time-management. We learnt about media and how it works and all the process that goes in the background. The insight from various mentors was invaluable. Also, we learnt a lot of new features of the programming language that was used.

What's next for

We are planning to integrate regional language to our website since initially it is in only Hindi and English language. Also we plan to cleanly implement and research on the text-to-speech integration to the website.

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