This was built for the Women in AI & Mixed Reality Hackathon at Microsoft SF Reactor on December 8th/9th.

-3D Artists: Corrine, Valerian -Developers: Devon, Shelley, Vi -Product strategist: Val -UX Designers: Iris, Zoie -Contributors: Amy [One Visionary/PM]: Marlo Mckenzie


We are using new technology to connect children to the ancient technology of meditation and a regular practice of accessing their inner magic-verse.

What it does

Meditation has a range of scientifically proven benefits such as increased ability to focus, reduced anxiety, enhanced self-awareness, increased empathy and kindness, improved relationships and an easier time falling asleep.

How it was built

We are a mostly female group, all enthusiastic about meditation and mixed reality. We recently developed a prototype of our project at a hackathon in San Francisco. Our team includes four developers, two 3D artists, a graphic designer, two UX designers, a project manager and a teacher/filmmaker/certified meditator. We have a relationship with a psychologist at the University of Oregon and experts on children's play throughout the country. Our team has international roots; we are bilingual in Chinese, Spanish and French. We used the HoloLens SDK with help from the Microsoft Team in SF.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of UX challenges, mainly with how a child would operate a HoloLens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of on Magic Leap

We are drawn to Magic Leap through our shared values. Your team places people first in the equation and so do we. We also pay attention to where things come from. We are inspired that Magic Leap came to life through play, and the creation of a comic book that imagined kids discovering a Wonka-like factory and finding doorways to magical world This is related to our vision – we are encouraging children to create a practice of accessing the doorways that lead to their inner magical worlds, creativity, intuition and sense of peace.

What we learned

How to work well together with such a diverse group of teammates.

What's next for Myndful

As increasing numbers of people realize the value of meditation, our opportunities to share our meditation experience grows. We anticipate marketing this experience to classrooms, libraries, children’s hospitals, spiritual centers, community centers and all places that welcome meditation as a tool for mindfulness. The experiences will be designed for children, though playful adults are welcome too.

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