We wanted to build an app so that people can self-assess themselves on how they contribute to nature

What it does

It is a self assessment app where you can track the number of trees that you have planted, number of trees you have saved and number of trees that you have cut. It also has a news feed and events page where you can get information related to the environment and tree plantation events.

How we built it

We used Reactjs with Ionic Framework to build the Front-end of the App. Authentication was handled by Firebase. We even wrote custom CSS to beautify the App and used Local Storage to persist data (as we wanted to try that out). Note that the website is fully responsive and cross platform.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our first hackathon, managing time and collaborating was the biggest issue. Also, we challenged ourselves and used Ionic Framework for the first time to make it a cross platform App. And very few tutorials were available so every time we were stuck, debugging was very difficult, but we did it! We could not host our page on firebase with custom domain that we got from ( because firebase was unable to verify ownership of the domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The MVP of the app is fully functional. We successfully created a cross-platform app (for Android) using Capacitor and Android Studio. We could not create it for iOS since it required acceptance into the developer program.

What we learned

1) How to use Firebase authentication 2)How to use Ionic Framework

What's next for MyNatur Space

1) Using a proper database we are going to add many more features like upvotes and comments on events page. 2) We can even build a tracker (sorta like a calorie tracker) which can track the number of trees that have been used to make a particular product that you buy. Example, when you use/print 500pages it is equivalent to 1 tree. 3) We can also use Machine Learning (mostly an API from to provide you with the scientific name and description of the plant.

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