I've struggled with mental health before. Everyone has their ups and downs when it comes to their mental health. About a year ago, I had a burnout where I started to lose interest in everything I did. At that time, I wanted nothing but to feel better. Something I found helpful was tracking my mood and looking back on how it has changed. This helped me understand some of the causes and feel proud of myself for every improvement I made.

What it does

MyMoodJournal provides the user with four main features. First, is the pathway which advances everyday. The user will input their mood and hours of sleep everyday and once a week, will fill out a form which tests mental health. This form has been certified as effective for 16+ and is still being tested for those under 16. Next is the breather feature. This page has an animation which mimics an in and out breathing movement. The app instructs the user to take 3 deep breaths as a method to relax. Third is the insights page. This page shows graphs of the user's emotional changes over time. It allows them to reflect on how they have felt. Finally is a page which allows the user to seek help. It has links for crisis helplines and finding counselors.

How I built it

MyMoodJournal is a flutter app built using dart in android studio. It's connected to firebase to store data and uses api's in order to store this data at a certain date and time.

Challenges I ran into

A challenge I ran into was storing the data. More specifically, formatting how the data should be stored. The date and time api was challenging to use as it didn't come with many formatting options. I had to find a way to make sure the user didn't accidentally input the same information twice in a day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My biggest accomplishment in this hackathon was learning how to use an animation with flutter. I've built only one other app with flutter so I'm still fairly new to this style of coding. I had to go through a lot of flutter's online api docs to find out how to use animation within my app. Being able to get the breathing animation running was a huge accomplishment for me.

What I learned

I learned a lot through my project for this hackathon. I think the biggest thing was dart syntax. I still have to look at stack overflow quite a bit but I'm starting to get better at general things. It's similar to other languages but when paired with Flutter's material app, it became completely new. Another thing was animation. The animation api helped a lot with this project but I learned how to use it's different commands and capabilities to get my desired outcome.

What's next for TextSlate

In the future, I plan to look into doing more analytics based on the responses given by users and adjust the UI based off user feedback.

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