WebEx and Zoom requires the use of dedicated clients to have full features for their product offering. I want my solution to be only web based without the need to download any clients.

What it does

How I built it

There is two components the server and the frontend. Each are independent servers you have to launch and both will talk to each other using websockets and rest.

Challenges I ran into

Sleep deprived, learning Vue, and conflicting important meetings where I'm required to attend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning basic of the Vue framework.

What I learned

Emergency meetings kills productivity and frontend is not for me. But I learned that Vue is a powerful framework that allows you to build killer apps without having to reload the website every time you want to do/display something on the page.

What's next for MyMeetingStream

Built the server in Typescript and make the website actually work.

Built With

  • vue
  • webpack
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