-What inspired you to create this project? Our friends and family have been dealing with a lot of confusion lately, especially with Covid-19, regarding their well-being, including medicines and what not. WE, therefore, believed that a portal, where users can store their medicine information and do some easy analytics on it, would be of tremendous help and, hopefully, make people more confident in their choices and lifestyles.

-Who created the project? James Dudding and Hugo Barahona, students at QC. We both are going to start our third semester this Spring 2021

-What does your project actually do? It's an app that's meant to help people taking different medications and need to be more aware of what effect these medications have on their health. The main purpose of the app is to search for possible causes of side effects out of a list of medicines an individual is taking. Let's say someone experiences vomits, by typing "vomit", the user should be able to see if any of the medicines he/she/they is currently taking has reports of causing this side effect. In future, we plan to rank the medicines based on how likely can a medicine contribute to one's side effects. This would be based on past data including age, sex, dosage, underlying conditions etc. We could also build Machine learning models. We also plan to provide alternatives for medications that can be taken for the same issues without causing the afflicting side-effects.

-How did you build your project? The main software that was used was Android Studio to create this phone app. And our knowledge of java, as well as our ability to learn to use things we've never used also helped building this awesome project! We employed a lot of data structure and alogirthms skills as well. WE used maps, tress, lists, and modern methodologies like lambdas.

-Tag the technologies you used throughout your project. Android Studio Java Programming Language XML files, when designing the looks for the activities(windows/slides of the app). SQL Databases, (this part we had no experience at all, and it was intense and great!) OpenFDA, an API that apparently has recently added lots of great features. JSON files, when retrieving the data from the API calls. Github

-What challenges did you face? HUGO: Everything was a challenge, Activities vs Fragment (Android Studio). Databases with SQLite, I didn't have to deal with APIs during this project, but I know it's tough. I'm sure my friend James had some intense moments with them!

JAMES:Using Github for the first time was challenging but it definitely rewarded us in the end. Also, AutoCompletion text boxes, along with numerous api calls. Mining them for useful data, all was challenging as i did it for the first time.

-What accomplishments are you proud of? HUGO: getting more used to Android Studio, I learned about it over a year ago, and I never thought I would be ever using it again. But I can truly say that it was nice to come back to this software. Besides, this is my first time I used SQLite and it was great. I had some moments of difficulty but it was lots of fun too!

JAMES:Searching FDA's huge data and filtering useful information was a big win for us. TO be able to materialize a novel idea within 24 hours was definitely going to be my year high. To top it off, this was our first hackathon.

-What did you learn? Learning these tools, but greatest part was to be able to do this in a team. My first serious group project. We felt a sense of accomplishment to be able to finish what we started in our very first go!

-What is next for your project? I am going to keep working on this app to include more features. I mentioned some above under "What does your project actually do". Also, i need to work more on data structures which is why we are also taking that course in the coming semester.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxD5jbWXmro&ab_channel=JamesDudding

Backup link: https://youtu.be/JQd27xlPYQY

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