In the spirit of health and sustainability, the app is intended to empower the user with an easy way to cook their own meals. Hence reducing pollution by driving to get prepared food, while also bearing personal health in mind by providing the user with nutritional information about the meal they are about to make.

What it does

The application enables the user to take pictures of available ingredients. From there the images are sent to the AWS Rekognition API where the ingredients labels are determined. The list of available ingredient names is then sent to Edamam to return a list of recipes that use said ingredients. Each recipe also includes relevant nutritional information.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to build the app, and tested in in the AVD emulator and on our phones. We developed it iteratively, and we split tasks among our team members.

Challenges we ran into

Making asynchronous requests to AWS proved to be a challenge as the conventional AsyncTask approach didn't work. We also had a hard time managing the Activity lifecycle and getting ListViews and RecycleViews to update. It was also a challenge working with the general image recognition capabilities of AWS Rekognizer, since we only wanted to recognize food items.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our recipe RecycleView, which presents recipe names sorted by a nutritional value metric with beautiful thumbnail images. We're also proud of the ease of use of the app. We were also really proud when we unified the different parts of our app.

What we learned

We learned that pure Android development is pretty challenging, and that we would probably use a framework like Flutter or React Native next time we want to develop an app. However, we also learned a lot about AWS and interacting with their machine learning services.

What's next for MyMealMaker

We will probably use this app on our phones the next time we are looking for culinary inspiration. We could imporve the app with various UI tweaks, including downloading thumbnail images to show on the recipe details view. We could also make the search interface more versatile and allow for more filtering.

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