I was inspired by other film list websites such as MyAnimeList and MyDramaList. However when I started getting into martial arts films I found no similar website, so I wanted to create one.

What it does

MyMartialArtsList is a website for keeping track of the martial arts films you've seen. If you see a film, you can save it to your list and give it a status (completed, watching, on hold and dropped) as well as a rating. You can then see all the martial arts films you've seen all together.

You can also search for martial arts films, view detailed information about films, search for actors, view detailed information about actors, and admins can create, update and delete films and actors.

How I built it

I built this project using Django Python and bootstrap on my laptop. I vaguely followed tutorials online (as I didn't know how to use either of them) and started with building the models and the admin website first before making the website.

Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges, not understanding bootstrap meant I spent too long trying to edit very simple things that could have been done much faster if I just knew what to do.

If you find that you need to add a primary key field to a model, that can crash the admin site every time you try to look at those records or delete them, so at one point I had to carefully change all of the items in the database without having this error.

I had an issue with a form where I wanted to create an entry for a users' list, based on the film as a parameter. But I could only create one entry. This meant validating the user's input and checking things that weren't in the model by using other queries in the form. It was quite complicated and didn't work for a long time.

I needed to sleep, so I did, losing time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to get really far with the project despite having little experience with Django Python and Bootstrap. Although there are many functions that it doesn't have, it serves it's basic purpose adequately. You could reasonably use this website to keep track of your martial arts films.

I was quite happy with the design of the view films, view actors, actor detail, film detail, and user list pages. Bootstrap was really confusing to me so I was very happy to have at least something on the website that looked adequate.

What I learned

In Django Python I learned how to: use forms, use models, store information in the database, display and recall information from the database, create many webpages, create view templates, create a back-end admin site.

In Bootstrap I learned how to: create a navbar, use sidebars, display pictures, display lists, display webpages.

Overall I improved skills in: Database management, writing/managing databases, structuring code, writing efficient code

What's next for MyMartialArtsList

Since I made something that works I will continue adding things to make it the functional martial arts list it needs to be. Since the number of martial arts films doesn't impact the coding up until a certain point, there are still many films that I need to add. I would also like to make the design look better overall, create statistic elements for the profile view, push it to a live site for other people to see.

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