A major problem in America is the declining number of students who are prepared for and pursuing STEM-related careers. Only 44% of kids are prepared for college math and only 36% for science. They need an effective way to be motivated to learn and pursue careers in these fields, and one way to do this is to introduce them to space science at an earlier age.

I created MyMARS to educate people about Mars and the exploration that happens there. Using Open Data transmitted from the Curiosity Rover on Mars, I constructed visualizations of temperature and atmospheric pressure data that students can use in school, individual research projects, etc.

But younger kids are the ones who need to be even more exposed to space science, and they want something more tangible and immersive, so I extracted topographical map data to create a 3D simulation of the Gale Crater on Mars that they can explore extensively.

What's Next: Young people want something that will be informative and exciting at the same time, and there’s really no better way to get them involved with learning about space than using existing data to give them that experience. Providing more data in the 2D weather data visualization and making the 3D map seamless will make MyMARS into a product that can be monetized.

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