Our climate crisis affects me as a Gen Z, thus I'm extremely passionate about the environment. I wanted to create an app that would help reduce carbon emissions. One of the biggest causes of climate change is food waste, and the burning of fossil fuels. Combining those two together, one solution we can do to reduce our ecological footprint would be shopping local, and eating local. During these trying times, small businesses have been struggling. My app, MyMarket, makes stimulating the local economy (during COVID-19) easier. Instead of going out during the pandemic to buy groceries from big-name companies, MyMarket gives small businesses an opportunity to sell directly local customers online.

What it does

After logging in, the user can browse through small businesses and farmers markets near them, adding their products to their cart. Through buying local, they can earn points. With these points, users can enter in draws for gift cards that will (hopefully) encourage them to use the app/buy local more. There is also a recipe finder, for leftovers. Users can enter foods left in the fridge, and look through recipes with those foods in them. There is a directory back to the farmers market if there are other ingredients they do not have on hand. Lastly, there is a messages feature where they can communicate with businesses, for eg, to schedule contactless pick up.

How we built it

I designed this in Figma, as I wanted to learn more about UX/UI design, as my past coding projects have just been coding.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to use Figma, and make it look aesthetically pleasing! I was conflicted if I should code the website, but was not confident due to the time constraints and my coding abilities on the front-end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I worked by myself, learning how to use Figma to design an app. I like the simplistic look and the smooth transitions. I did not know how to use Figma very well.

What we learned

How to design in Figma, and some UI/UX design.

What's next for MyMarket

MyMarket would have a promotions area where businesses can post whenever they have a special sale going on. The app would also need a secure check-out environment other than ApplePay. Of course, the most obvious next step would be for this project to be coded. I also want to push a 'shopping list' or 'wish list' page for convenience.

Built With

  • figma
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