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As an influencer, we have difficulties sharing multiple links on our Instagram pages. So we decided to build a website that is unique to each user that will link to more links.

What it does

A unique URL like will be given to the user with their Instagram handle behind. This link will bring you to a webpage to see more links that the user wants the audience to see. We also have a Telegram bot that interacts with the website. The user can create more links on the website and bot.

How we built it

We mainly used NodeJS to built the frontend and backend. For the database, we used MongoDB, because its easy to use.

Challenges we ran into

We initially wanted to use ReactJS for our frontend framework, however, after 12hrs, we didn't understand the framework and decided to swap back to what we are familiar (NodeJS).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to finish the product before the time completion.

What we learned

Dont use new framework when you are at a Hackathon.

What's next for MyLinks


Most Socially Useful Hack

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