We're a group of Neural Nets enthusiasts who love music. We saw a really interesting product online called goodnight journal which allows users to just enter journal entries. We wanted to take it a step further and give users music suggestions based on the mood we ascertained from their journal entries.

What it does

MyMusicMyWay allows users to vent and write as they please. As an added bonus, when they write, we gather information on their personality and use that information to create Spotify playlists specifically curated to them.

How we built it

We used Django as our web framework and a few python libraries to integrate API usage. In addition, we used a few seperate scripts for gathering information. It starts with NLC and Alchemy Language. Using these two APIs we process the journal entry that the user inputs. Each line is processed to determine frequency of a theme and emotions attached to the theme. These categories are passed to retrieve and ranked, where we indexed the most popular Spotify playlists to find the most relevant songs. These songs are passed back to the user as a playlist for them to listen to.

Challenges we ran into

  • OAuth and Spotify can occasionally interface poorly with Django

  • If you call the Genius API, sometimes you get entire books and scripts to movies. This causes problems when you're scraping for lyrics because books contain significantly more words than songs.

  • For people who love music, we actually have a very narrow list of songs we like(ie: Hamilton the Musical's Soundtrack is incredible)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We finished our project by the deadline!!

  • We successfully worked with a lot of outside API's

  • We gained some serious expertise in Python, Bluemix, Django, essentially all of the technology that we used

What we learned

For some of us: How to program (We have newbies and they are awesome). In addition, calling 3rd Party API's was new for some of us as well.

What's next for MyLifeMyPlaylist

The main feature we want to add to MyLifeMyPlaylist in the future is a at-risk sensor. Essentially, if we see that your writing is becoming too sad, we will refer you to a specialist or hotline in order to make sure you don't harm yourself or others.

Other potential features:

  • Improve Song Retrieval
  • Movie Recommendations via iMDB
  • Book Recommendations via Scribd
  • Buzzfeed Articles via Buzzfeed API
  • Travel Recommendations via Google Flights and Journal Entries' Information
  • Blogs and Podcasts that would best fit users
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