• Interested in social hacking
  • Wanting to make it easy to find volunteer opportunities

What it does

  • it pulls the pages that you liked from Facebook and searches for categories that align with charities in your area. You can then volunteer or donate if you're so compelled.

How we built it

  • used the Facebook API and the JustGive API- we also researched many other charity api's to find data we could work with.

Challenges I ran into

  • having four people commit to the same repo over a short period of time
  • using api's for the charities and realizing the data was too old, there wasn't enough of it, or it was in format we were unable to work with

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Styling and design
  • Authenticating the Facebook api
  • Creating the api for the charities

What I learned

  • What to look for when choosing api's
  • What makes an api easy to work with
  • Team management

What's next for MyKoala

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