I came into this hackathon wanted to make something I really needed, as a college student who cooks one of my priorities is to keep food waste at a minimum and to also create something that would test my skills. So I wanted to merge two platforms using a database that I got from an email.

What it does

It is an organization platform focusing on keeping food waste at a minimum utilizing android as well as the database software Algolia. I made the website from ruby on rails because it sounded interesting to learn and the bootstrap template was supposed to interface with the database but I did not have sufficient time.

How I built it

The android app runs solely on my computer because I only own ios and I do not have a mac. I used android studio utilizing xml and java as well as the algolian API.

The website is made locally because I made the decision not to put it on github pages because I wanted it dynamic. The website was made using the IDE atom as well as ruby on rails, git bash, javascript, and css.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first time working solo as well as first time working with ruby on rails, git bash, algolian, android apps, xml, and my computer ran slow because I was running everything locally. Also due to each platform running on different languages it was really difficult remembering the syntaxes of all of the platforms. Also algolian had completely different ways of implementation across the different platforms. In the end I was only able to install a bootstrap template on the website however it runs on ruby on rails and the bootstrap is customized to prove the point I was making.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to accomplish this much in this amount of time by myself and knowing so little.

What I learned

Youtube, youtube, youtube, they are saviours. Also maybe try to pick a team and try to share the idea, it would have been sick to see these two platforms merge.

What's next for MyKitchenLife

More development and pushing more data to make it better. I was going to add a receipt reader but all of the sdk's for it had a pay wall. I also plan on working more with algolia database it was real easy to implement and the app was pretty cool.

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