As of 2021, many people around the world suffer from mental-illnesses. With the gradual adaptation to online services, we developed a virtual diary application that helps keep other's mental health in check by letting users talk about what's on their mind and

What it does

myJourney provides users with a free virtual library where one is able to write about what's on their mind freely, and store many diary pages in a neat and organized manner.

How we built it

Using the environment provided by Qoom, we implemented HTML, CSS and JS to design the web application. To store data, we resorted to using Google Firebase as it provided a very simple and intuitive noSQL database, letting us store photos, login credentials and more.

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn Firebase, HTML, CSS, and JS in the short span of 2 days, which proved to be a real challenge. We spent most of the first day learning, and developed our project on the second day and overnight.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were also able to design a working full-stack application within the span of 2 days.

What we learned

During the development of this project, we were able to quickly learn and implement HTML, CSS and JavaScript + Firebase into our website despite knowing little-to-none about these languages before.

What's next for myJourney

We look forward to continuing development on this project by working on security, making it mobile-supported and polishing up the front-end design. Once we are happy with the front-end, and there are no security flaws, we plan to release this to the public under a custom domain.

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