We want to impact the new generation by providing a tool to inform raise awareness on various issues of society !

What it does

-Summarizes ongoing issues and concerns of society in a clear , unbiased and concise way. -Queries the user on his interests and views on various subjects (environment, gender equality, ethnic equality, justice , immigration , veterans etc. ). -Informs the user on what politician/congress man aligns more on her/his views according to the answers s/he gave on a survey.

How I built it

We mostly used python for the backend with the fiscal notes' API and django/html/css for the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Making the API work , understanding django, merging frontend and backend , dealing with the extreme slowness of the app because of the amount of DATA our app has to go through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not giving up and being able to submit a project even though we were not familiar with any of the tools we used for this hack.

What I learned

Python , django , how to work with APIs , how to work in team with people you don't know and knowing when to ask for help ! We also learnt how to narrow things down for the sake of the prototype !

What's next for MyIssues

In the Full app

  • a section that explains how the voting system works in the united states (who elects the president of the United States ? , how the president and the vice president are elected? What is voter turnout in the United States? How does the electoral college choose the president and vice president? )
    • a section that helps you get in contact with political parties
    • a section that notifies you on news concerning whatever interest you may have (new bills , congressman changing their opinion) -make an android/IOS app version of MyIssues

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