Our Story

We firmly believe that every person can impact change in this world. By empowering users with data about their consumption and waste production we allow them to set realistic goals to make reduce their impact on our planet. #myImpact

What We Did

We made an IoT framework to monitor the sustainability of a household. IoT devices publish sensor readings over the network via mqtt. The connected raspberry pi is subscribed to a data topic and listens for these readings, upon receiving data it timestamps it and posts it to a web service. We have a RESTful django API that takes in these posts requests and passes the data onto its appropriate analyzer which gains relevant insights on the data and stores it. This data is then accessed from a react dashboard which displays things such as your electricity usage over the last week.

The Challenges We Faced

This was a LARGE project with many separate parts all having to work in coordination. Some one the main challenges we faced were successfully displaying relevant information in the dashboard, handling varying data in analyzers and learning react in only a few hours.

What We're Proud Of

We are most proud of our data pipeline that has been built, we get data currently from mocks in a web app , it is sent to the pi, then to the server, analyzed and displayed. For the time we had we made a verbose complex system.

What is Next for myImpact

The next steps for my impact would be build out a range of IoT sensors to integrate into homes and offices, further the framework of being able to add analyzers, and developing new and better analyzers to get the best info we can about your carbon footprint.

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