Our inspiration came from engaging the Chronic Pain Community and hearing there journey, and we wish to impact on healthy living through capturing there unique health story.

What it does

Captures and creates your own digital health CV, reducing the distress associated with each encounter with Allied Health Professionals.

Visually represents your health journey capturing your goals and health story to assist in the management and connection with providers.

How we built it

We surveyed a sample of Chronic health consumers and found a need to improve the way the patient connects with their health professional.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges: Integrating tools to keep the project open and transferable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creation of a solution which has the potential to be revolutionary in managing patients chronic health story

What we learned

Everyone is unique and there story is important to help broader community solve and innovate on the way chronic pain is managed.

What's next for myHEALTHstory

More user testing. Potential partnership with national eRecords. Digital health companion.

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