The problem:

Anyone familiar with healthcare knows that it can be slow and expensive. There are a few major reasons for this, but one of them that plagues tech companies, hospitals and patients alike is access to data.

Everyone wants their private health data to be secure, but they also wish to have it everywhere they go.

Backpacking in Thailand and get a sick stomach? Traveling for work to Dallas and your epilepsy flairs up causing a seizure?

This vulnerability leaves people to the 3rd most significant cause of death in the United States, medical errors (Accounting for over ~250k deaths/year in the US).

The Solution:

MyHealth utilizes a decentralized blockchain to make critical portions of a patient’s records available anywhere using an exclusive multisig contract that allows patients or loved-ones to release the data in a moment's notice to anyone in the world.

We have a developer API that health IT, medical record companies, labs and wearable device makers can use to selectively write relevant information.

A mobile app and complimentary Progressive Web App (for easy access anywhere in the world) allows for a secure handshake between trusted parties to release information.

We’ve started with low risk fitness data (FitBit, scales, etc).


Medical info input

Video demo of the React Native app

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