The entire team either works in healthcare or has family members that work in healthcare. Coming up with solutions that improve the system on global, decentralized smart contracts gets us really excited.

What it does

Doctors incentivize patients by waiving their copay to upload their most up to date health records. myHEALTH stores data on distributed storage and with healthcare providers. Providers and patients lower insurance costs and premiums by being able to prove medical history on the blockchain.

How I built it

Client side - uPort, React, web3 Backend - ExpressJS Decentralized infrastructure - Solidity, Storj

Challenges I ran into

Learning and fusing together new technologies that many of us have never used

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We set deliverables and completed them!

What I learned

How to integrate the web with blockchain, uPort and decentralized storage

What's next for myHΞALTH

We will continue refining the project and publish on the mainnet

Built With

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