One of our group members gets debilitating migraines, and keeping track of when she can take medication is very frustrating. We wanted to create a single place where she can keep track of everything that she needs.

What it does

The website has a calendar feature that allows for input of migraine symptoms, doctor's appointments, and when medications are taken. Additionally, we have a page for keeping track of medication types and doses, and another for tips and resources for dealing with migraines.

How we built it

We built the project using Glitch with html, css, and javascript. The calendar was adapted from a jquery plugin found at

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to integrate twilio to create a system that would text the person when to take medications and remind them of upcoming doctor's appointments, but we weren't able to get the necessary packages for twilio up and running in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Prior to this, only one of three members had experience with html and css, and no members had experience with javascript, so we are very proud that we were able to get the website up and running, with some interesting functionality. We are especially proud of the calendar functionality.

What we learned

We have begun to learn just how complicated web development is, but there are many incredible tools that exist to make it more accessible. We will continue to explore the uses and applications of these programs.

What's next for MYgraine

We will work on integrating twilio as mentioned, and we will also work with Firebase to store input information so users can access previously inputted calendar and medication information upon returning to the website.

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