Businesses have tons of fixed costs: rent, labor, loan repayments, insurance, supplies, repairs – the list goes on. Extended lockdown during COVID19 might kill a lot of daily-wage businesses like restaurants, salons, etc. or have them take drastic steps like fire employees to cut costs. We’re aiming at improving cash-flow for these businesses so they don’t get affected, at the same time protect their employees' jobs.

What it does

MyGoto connects consumers to businesses around them enabling them to purchase gift vouchers to support them with immediate cashflow during COVID19 and customers redeem those vouchers after the lockdown. The platform enables seamless on-boarding of businesses and customers to browse through their favorite go-to places to purchase voucher card.

How I built it

It took us about 4 days to build the MVP. Tech stack used: React.js, Node.js, Javascript, MySql UI Framework: Ant UI

Challenges I ran into

While the discount voucher platform is a multi-billion dollar market across the globe, it's still so in a healthy economy. User on-boarding has been quite a challenge during the COVID19 phase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Only inside the first two days of the platform gone live, about 25+ businesses came signed up and I'm overwhelmed by the response already.

What I learned

Key things I've learned during the time of my requirement analysis were: key hassles of businesses at the time of COVID19 and a solution that fits just right for such a business ecosystem.

What's next for MyGoto

MyGoto has a long way to go and there are multiple things that can just make the platform even better. Some of the additions I personally want to do to the platform are a recommendation system for the user, more B2B tie-ups to increase the number of categories of businesses and make it a marketplace for delightful buying experiences to the users and profitable loyalty program for partnered businesses.

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