What is MyForce? MyForce is a personal security service anyone can put on his or her smartphone. It’s the first and only personal security system for smartphone users that connects them to UL listed, 5-Diamond certified professionally trained alarm-monitoring centers, as well as subscribing college and university campus law enforcement. In situations where potential danger looms, individuals are better served to be connected directly to a well-trained and professional emergency monitoring team and/or law enforcement, rather than connected to friends and family who may not receive the notification in a timely manner; or who may be unprepared to respond.During a violent attack or sexual assault, one is not able to dial for help or clearly convey all the pertinent details to summon the appropriate assistance. MyForce provides emergency response units with the subscriber’s exact location, accurate physical description, photo, known safety issues or concerns, medical conditions, and emergency contacts. Whether subscribers are walking across campus, out on the go, or meeting unfamiliar people in unfamiliar places, MyForce is there 24/7, nationwide to watch over them and keep them safe. The one-touch app sends an alert to a live security monitoring team that provides the authorities with crucial details to expedite help. The MyForce service is currently in use at two college campuses, with more to come, and has been used as a tool to protect women who have been victims of domestic violence. We believe that educating the public, and supporting organizations that help or counsel domestic violence and sexual assault victims is the best way to combat these types of crimes. The MyForce website provides visitors access to additional resources specifically targeted to generate awareness of these crimes and educate others on how to prevent these types of crimes. MyForce is available on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices and works across all carrier networks. How MyForce Works MyForce can be armed whenever an individual feels concerned for his/her safety, by simply launching the MyForce application. If the MyForce subscriber senses danger, they send a discreet alert by pushing a single button on the one thing most people always have with them— their smartphone. Once the discreet alert is sent, the screen goes dark, so as not to bring attention to the phone, and the MyForce monitoring team is instantly notified. Upon receiving the alert our monitoring team is able to view the user’s exact location, physical description, known safety issues, medical conditions, and the emergency contacts of the subscriber. Additionally, the MyForce team is able to confirm the incident through audio transmissions from the user’s device without having to call the user back directly, which could potentially draw attention to their phone. Once an alert is confirmed as real, our team notifies the nearest and appropriate emergency response team; providing them with all the critical information they need to respond to their exact location in a quick and efficient manner. Our team stays involved until the crisis is resolved and the subscriber has confirmed their safety. How MyForce Increases Safety Across Campuses Nationwide MyForce also offers college and university, hospital, corporate and government campuses additional security through the MyForce Campus System. The MyForce Campus System allows campus law enforcement to receive alerts occurring on their campus and within their predetermined boundaries. Upon receiving an alert, campus law enforcement is able to view the same monitoring interface as the MyForce monitoring team — providing access to critical profile information, known safety issues, medical and allergy information, as well as gps location and audio streaming from the subscriber’s mobile device. Our team and theirs coordinate a response to make sure the victim is being responded to and receiving the aid they need. MyForce is the ideal solution to protect students, faculty members and employees both on and off campus. Get safe today. To subscribe to MyForce and test it for yourself, visit http://www.myforce.com or visit the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, or Android Marketplace to download the MyForce application. In honor of National Campus Safety Awareness and Domestic Violence Months, you can try MyForce for free, for 90 days with promo code: NCSA11 .

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