About: Designed for the traveler on a budget, myFlyr is an effective web solution and application that locates the cheapest available flights with any valid to and from location. myFlyr takes advantage of the fact that the price of a ticket can vary depending on where the retail transaction was completed and locates the cheapest airfare accordingly. The application and website employ a relatively simple interface that quickly responds to the user with accurate flight information and converts foreign airfare rates to USD.

Use: Let’s say you’re looking to fly from _____ to _____. A basic search on KAYAK or a similar website lists flights. In our application, we utilized Google’s QPX Express API to receive global airline pricing and shopping information in a JSON interface. Using this information, we implemented a server written in Python to handle requests made by the user and output information to a fully functioning website and complementing Android application.

Effect: In the end, each user can end up saving over 30% on exorbitantly expensive airline tickets.

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