Use the following email/password on the production App:

Features involving emails will not work for now because the production app is using a Mailgun Sandbox which requires to add authorized users. In the future a custom domain will be added and verified by Mailgun which will allow for these features to work. In the meantime, if you wish to test these features, please send me your email at: and I will add you to the list of authorized users.


  • User authentication using bcrypt
  • User can browse videos by category
  • Users can review videos (rating + comment)
  • Users can add/delete/reorder videos from their videos queue
  • Users can follow and unfollow other users
  • Users receive a welcome email upon registration
  • Tokenized Users, Videos, Categories
  • User can reset password by receiving an email with a link
  • Users can send emails inviting friends to join
  • Friends invited by a current user will automatically follow the current user if they sign up
  • Admins can add videos and video images (stored with Amazon S3)
  • Payments and subscription using Stripe (lock user's account in case of failed payment)
  • User can search videos
  • User can perform an advanced search on Videos which uses ELasticsearch in the background


  • TDD using comprehensive unit, model, and integration test coverage with RSpec, Capybara, VCR and Selenium
  • GitHub workflow
  • Continuous development using Circle CI
  • Use Puma as web server
  • Use Redis and Sidekiq for background jobs such as email sending
  • Use Raven for monitoring staging and production server errors
  • Heroku deployment with staging and production servers
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