We wanted to create a better experience with technology. Using Myo which aims to do just that, we connected a quadcopter for a good time.

How it works

MyFlie works by using an open source Bluetooth Low-Energy node-module to communicate with the CrazyFlie 2.0. After establishing connection, we use a node-module to read gestures and data from the Myo and translate them to actions for the CrazyFlie to do.

Begin the application with "npm start" once in the brick hack directory. Once everything is setup, simply spread your fingers to take flight. When you're ready to land, make a fist and the CrazyFlie slowly land on the ground.

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting a proper module that can connect with the CrazyFlie
  • Learning how to use both the quadcopter and Myo together
  • Figuring out gyroscope and accelerometer values

Awards Participating in

  • Best Hardware Hack
  • Coolest Hack Using the Least Amount of Storage Space

What's next for MyFlie

Continuing development and getting the gyroscope working

Built With

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