As a team of hackers from a rural community, we chose to do what we know, hard work, dirt, and tech.

What it does

DigitalDirt is a cloud farm management platform that interacts with John Deere's farm management data. To maximize the ways in which a user can access his or her data, DigitalDirt is available as a web, iOS, or Android application. DigitalDirt ensures that regardless of where you are, you can always check the detailed status of your farm. In addition to making your farm data more accessible, DigitalDirt also provides algorithms to recommend when it is best to move your equipment through your field and or when to plant.

How we built it

The project leverages a full stack of software. Our data is pulled and processed by a backend web server, and on the other side, our users are served data on the front end in a Web application or mobile app.

What's next for DigitalDirt

In the future our team plans to add a more complete functionality, pulling from more sources than only John Deere. We imagine many Deere users benefitting from data such as crop price trends or seed planting recommendations as part of their DigitalDirt platform.

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