MyFarm is an application for farmers in Myanmar that helps them manage their plots and farms of land. In response to the KPCB Social Good challenge at the Los Altos Hacks Hackathon, we built this.


  • Water Management - Taking into account evaportranspiration and the crop factors, we calculate the liters necessary per day to farm a plot
  • Nitrogen Enrichment - Based off crop and fertilizer type, exact amount of fertilizer needed is returned
  • Plot Management - Farmers can delineate and manage plots, focusing on crop rotation
  • Scheduling - How long and when to harvest a certain plot and crop
  • Simple UI - Farmers can easily manage their land by walking around a plot, and designating its contents
  • Managing Poor Network Connectivity - Because network connection in rural areas in Myanmar are not very reliable, all data is stored locally on the device, then synced with a cloud when network connection becomes available.

To-do features

  • Sharing Plot Information - Farmers can export their plots and plot information in an easy-to-access format, so farmers can share plot and farming information.


Jake Glass, Mihir Trivedi, Louie McConnell, Peter Boennighausen

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