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fhirStarters gets after #6 on the NYP app wishlist: MEDICATION REMINDERS/TRACKING


It is overwhelming for the average parent/guardian to manage the medication administration for their family. Taking medication at the proper dose on-time is hard enough for one person to manage. Imagine a parent trying to do this for their family.


fhirStarters is a prototype app that allows parents to manage their families medication without having the parent input anything. The data is uploaded to the cloud by the family clinician and downloaded automatically to the app. We also added a feature that tracks refills which reminds parents to refill medications before it is too late.


fhirStarters uses the HAPI FHIR API for JAVA to connect to any FHIR server. We use this data to create localized reminders for each family member.


We solved this problem because it makes parents jobs much easier to manage their families medication. It also has the possibility to save lives, hospital resources, and improve patient health.

Why the name "fhirStarters"

We give tribute to fhir server with a play on words that best represents kids and stays within the theme of fire. As parents, we extinguish fires started by our kids daily.

Ease of Use

We followed material design principles to make the experience intuitive and familiar. We were able to make the app easy to use by involving parents in the mockup and testing phases. The parent is able to get anywhere in the app with less than 3 taps. Everyone has their phone on them making the app accessible anywhere. We also added in a feature that allows parents to remind their children (or spouses) who might also be connected through wireless devices.


We followed the NYP branding by using the same color palette making it recognizable for the users. We took inspiration from Medisafe, round, and mango health due to their familiar nature to phone users.

Benefit for Users

We believe that fhirStarters will be used because it helps parents manage their families medications administration without user input. All data is pulled from the cloud saving users time and headache, while ensuring the proper medications are delivered on time.

Creativity and Innovation

There are 3 main apps that help individuals manage their medication administration; however, the solutions require accurate end user input and are not able to manage a family. fhirStarters is a new idea because it pulls all medication data directly from FHIR requiring no input from end user.


fhirStarters easily connects the user with the HAPI FHIR server thru “one click connect” in the settings menu. HAPI API makes it easy to parse FHIR server responses and store the data locally for efficiency, data, and battery life.

Overall Quality

We directly focused on #6 from the NYP app wish list: MEDICATION REMINDERS/TRACKING. This prototype can be easily implemented as part of NYP family of applications. The scalability possibilities are promising for patients and NYP. NYP should use this app because medication administration is hard to track for a family and is not currently done without user input. Another future add-on is medication refill tracking/ordering, medication administration tracking (for historical and educational purposes), automatic prescription order refills, and dynamic server submissions for clinical updates.

List of FHIR Resources

  • Patient
  • Medication
  • Provider
  • Medication Order
  • Medication Administration
  • Relation
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