A Facebook web application to build stronger connections by knowing your family better. In this digital age, social media plays a key role to bridge distances so that family members can not just know each others names, but know more about them. What was it like when they were growing up? What are their hobbies? May be the grandson and grandparent are both die-hard movie lovers. Discover interesting facts about your family and build stronger connections.

Note: The app is currently in Development Mode.


  • Edit basic information about the user, such as, date of birth, location, etc.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Family. Create multiple families for better organization and ease of sharing.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Family Members.
  • Family Members can add interesting facts about them by answering simple questions, such as, what was it like when they were growing up? Share some interesting facts so your distant family members can also know more about you.
    • Family Member facts can only be seen by that specific family members. That is, if a member is part of two families, member from family one will not be able to see the facts shared with the other family.
  • View your Family Tree.
  • Role-based Access Control
    • Family Admin: Can do all operations on a family. This is controlled by the Is family admin permission. A creator is automatically a Family Admin.
    • Family Manager: Can do all operations on a family, except editing and deleting the family itself. This is controlled by the Can manage family permission.
    • Normal Member: Can update their basic information and add facts about themselves.

Getting Started


Facebook User Permissions

In order to use the app, please use the following permissions list.

  • Must have
    • friends
  • Nice to have (but, highly recommended)
    • gender
    • location
    • birthday

Application URL or

How to use the App?

Use the My Family app to know your family better and build stronger connections by following these simple steps.

  • Invite family members to use the My Family app.
  • Create a family. Don't forget to give it a cool name! For example, The Legendary Patils.
    • Tip: You can create multiple families to organize better and sshhhh... keep family secrets.
  • Add members to your family. You can also enable few members to manage the family.
  • Add interesting facts about each member, such as, what was it like when they were growing up? What are their favorite movies?
    • Tip: Only family members can see these details. So, feel free to share.
  • View your awesome Family Tree.

Keep adding more details to your family and build stronger connections!

Demo URL

Understanding the Code

The app uses the following files as the entry points.

  • index.php: The launching page of the application that puts down the main layout.
  • api.php: Used for the AJAX calls.
  • ui.php: Used to render a section of the UI and give a more cohesive user-experience.

The code uses the following classes for the main logic.

  • MyFamily: Acts as the controller.
  • MyFamilyDelegate: Provides the core business logic.
  • MyFamilyUI: Provides the UI related logic.


Application's configuration is managed via config.json.


The application generates server-side logs and log level is configurable in the config.json.

Other Info

Facebook Hackathon URL:


    • For images in the logo
    • For profile images
    • For loading spinner gif
  • Treant.js
    • For the awesome chart library

Built With

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