Bad Face Day? No Problem!

What it does

Introducing MyFaceSwap! No more bad faces!

How we built it

Built on top of OpenCV and face_recognition

Challenges we ran into

Hard stuff

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Handsome guys

What we learned

Beggars can't be choosers

What's next for MyFaceSwap Bot

Tl;Dr Database, better cropping of image, even more handsome faces

Telegram bot:

  • Build database with SQL or saving dictionary into server for persistence file handling
  • Proper queuing of events.


  • Replace boundary based face recognition with arrays of coordinates drawn by detecting face landmarks
  • Employ proper detection of face landmarks in destination image so that scaling, rotation and transformation can be applied for a better fit of face
  • Add in feathering and masking to images.

Built With

  • dlib
  • face-recognition
  • most-entertaining
  • opencv
  • pillow
  • python
  • telepot
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