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A new customizable, economic and ecological mask tailored to you

Millions of disposable masks are thrown out every day, which in addition to having a significant environmental impact on nature also have a high monetary expenditure.

To meet all these needs, the App team has developed a project that allows the customization of the mask or the creation of transparent masks that can adapt to the features and therefore customizable by scanning the face in 3D.

This is App, a mobile application that can be downloaded free on IOS and Android devices.

The scanning process is quick and easy: it happens through the use of the mobile phone camera.

In addition, the material used in the production of the masks, biodegradable and hypoallergenic allows a repeated use, being able to sterilize the washing at high temperatures .

The mask is therefore ergonomic and environmentally friendly, because you just need to change the filters.

The 3D model can also be printed from the comfort of the house without leaving. The advantage is that, being custom-built, the signs released by normal masks after hours of use will be reduced.

Considering the difficult and delicate situation we are experiencing, App would ensure protection and prevention with zero impact on the environment and would meet individual needs.

It would be an optimal solution, without going out to buy it if you already have a 3D printer or otherwise we print and deliver directly to your home! The App is free as well as the availability of the various basic 3D models.


My face mask with its 3D scanning process, allows you to create ergonomic masks suitable for every feature of your face. This custom adaptation will allow you to reduce the marks released by normal masks after hours of use.

3d Printer

The realization of the 3D masks allows anyone to create them independently. In fact, a 3D printer and a mobile phone are enough to quickly create personalized templates based on the desired quantity.


The material of these masks is absolutely ecological, a very important feature if you consider high consumption daily, especially in some sectors. In fact, these masks can be reused several times later washing at high temperatures which allows sterilization.


One of the main features of is transparency. The idea of ​​making these masks with a transparent material was born mainly from the awareness of the importance of lip reading for deaf people.


For us your privacy comes first, that's why complies with all Gdpr ( regulations and no personal data will be transmitted.

The problem solved by the project

With App we want to find the solution to the problem of the availability of personal protection devices for everyone, in fact thanks to this app anyone can print his mask, following our guidelines for the use of safe and biodegradable materials, with their own 3D printer,only if you are certificated member of our network to ensure the quality and safety of the mask produced according to all applicable regulations, so that you have a mask for you and your family that can last for all this complicated period that we are living.

The solution you bring to the table is installable for free on all iOS and Android devices that have compatibility requirements and in a simple automated way and can create your own 3D mask and send it directly to the 3d printer certificated

The impact of the solution on the crisis

The idea behind this project is to create a safe, cost-effective product that respects nature for us and future generations

The needs to continue the project

This project needs funds in order to create the best mask with the best materials and for this a significant investment in research and development in addition to wanting to make and print masks to those who do not have the opportunity to have their own 3D printer

The value of your post-crisis solutions

We believe a lot in this project because it is a valuable help to anyone who does not have the opportunity to always have a disposable mask and this mask can be reused even after this crisis (hopefully it ends as soon as possible) in any sector that needs personal protection devices

The AiR net blockchain

We are creating a network of certified makers to be able to print masks for doctors and nurses for free to thank them for their valuable help.

We are working with other startups to create a network of certified makers using the Ethereum blockchain to create smart contracts in order to be able to transparently verify the entire network.

We are creating a decentralized system that is based on blockchain eos to ensure the total transparency of certification of the materials used to print the masks.

Currently our team also collaborates in the creation of protective equipment for doctors and nurses to thank them for their difficult work.

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