Being college students, we've witnessed first-hand what an overconsumption of alcohol can result in. Every year 1 out of every 10,000 college students die from alcohol abuse. In addition, other health issues such as cardiac arrest kills more than 2/3 of its victims. In order to increase the odds of survival, it's important for the public to be educated on how to handle these situations as they occur.

What it does

It does a lot

How we built it

IBM Watson chat bot for step-by-step guide to properly handle emergency health situations. Nexmo to contact local EMS as well as relatives and friends. Verizon MapQuest to fetch the location of nearby hospitals and give directions. PubNub was used to integrate all these APIs

Challenges we ran into

Windows keeps restarting on us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating multiple APIs towards a common purpose Discovered our true potential by staying up all night We finally got to drink beer at a hackathon

What we learned

We learned about the risks of medical emergencies and the proper ways to deal with them

What's next for MyEmergency

Coming to a phone near you

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