myEdna is a simple and flexible Online Personal Assistant to help educators and students search, save and share high quality instructional resources and work products. The focus of this pilot implementation would be middle school math instructional resources and work products.

Why do teachers and students need myEdna? There is an unmanageable universe of online resources for educators – it is impossible to systematically find the highest quality resources. Teachers waste time every week duplicating other teachers’ online searches during lesson planning. With introduction of the Common Core, there is an even greater immediate need to provide a tool that allows teachers to quickly find resources that are clearly linked to the Common Core and allows teachers and students to collaborate, edit and improve collections of resources. To address this challenge, we developed myEdna - an online personal assistant that provides educators with the easiest and fastest way to search, save, and share high quality on-line educational resources aligned to Common Core Standards. myEdna provides an instructional resource management system where teachers can save, organize and share their collections of best practice websites and instructional materials, as well as follow other educators using irresistible design and superior Web 2.0 technologies (social networking, resource curation/organization, tagging, searching, filtering and rating) compared to competitive websites. • Administrators will use myEdna to: Help the Innovation Zone more systematically and effectively distribute high quality and aligned next generation middle school math curriculum and assessment materials • Educators will use myEdna to: 1.) Improve the efficiency with which they can search for, save, organize, share and present more relevant, rigorous and engaging middle school math materials to students, 2.) Create personalized collections and “contained” web searches for students, 3.) Facilitate collaboration within professional learning communities 4.) Share examples of student work aligned to Common Core standards

• Students will use myEdna to: 1). Access teacher collections, 2.) Engage with collections of high quality on-line and user-generated middle school math content, 3.) Create personalized collections of work products, web artifacts, or a portfolio for a school project 4.) Create and contribute to shared collections when collaborating with other students on project-based learning activities, increasing student engagement

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