I got an email one day about this startup (MyDrop Inc.) looking for developers(iOS/Android). I looked at the work they wanted to do and responded to the email. An interview was set up where they looked at my work, talked more about the positions and it was decided that I would be on the team as the iOS developer.

What it does

MyDrop pairs highschool students with partners/organizations who need help managing their social media. The student will then act as a social media manager for the organization and receives an impact score.

How I built it

I am not allowed to specifically say.

Challenges I ran into

Scrapping a Facebook page [resolved], getting the server implemented and integrated [resolved]

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the iOS animations working, the construction of the application thus far.

What I learned

Server implementation. Successful Facebook integration for iOS. Chart animations

What's next for MyDrop

Testing and then launching early 2016 (hopefully)

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