The most important thing in the life of a person is HEALTH. In the world of technology I personally feel that we don't have a proper platform where a common person can ask questions about health problems of Humans and Animals Yes animals are also leaving things they are part of our life. We see in our daily life there are many other platforms for students, Developers, Learners etc but there is no platform for patients so I feel there must be a proper platform for patients where the proper doctors can answer patients about their health issues.

What it does

Patients will ask questions according to their and their animal's disease and the Doctors will provide them the solutions and health tips to cure the disease

How I built it

We build it using Xcode tool in swift language

Challenges I ran into

The Most Challenging thing is to decide the theme and make an innovative idea according to this theme

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We feel much proud if a single human or animal got his health back due to this Platform

What I learned

I learned many things in this challenge like Team work, Self Motivation, Brainstorming etc

What's next for MyDoctor

It will be publish on App Store, we can advertise this idea, We can motivate the doctors to do participation in this app.

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