Ever since the rise of covid-19 we have faced the problem of getting reliable data regarding Daily cases about our particular state or district to test if Power symptoms match that of covid-19 to provide ourselves with protective utilities and to get a expert advice. So so take off all these problems and their solutions into a single website. Our target audience is Virtually anyone who is educated in internet and has a Smartphone and an active internet connection on the device which pretty much covers 80% of Indian population

What it does

MyDoc is a all in one portal for your healthcare. The days are gone when you had to surf through different websites for different needs. MyDoc provides you with all the Essential services from diagnosing Covid-19 to providing best offers on health care Essentials.

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This website would be instantly updated with the fresh new cases and will be provided an option to protect themselves from this deadly virus by the use of hand sanitizer masks and gloves. By liking this we divided the project into four major parts the chatbot which would take in your symptoms and calculate your risk level against covid-19. The second part is a dashboard which has reliable data and is updated every few hours. The third part was incorporating various options for the users to get preventive utility from the favourite E-commerce website. And the fourth one was getting an appointment booking system for getting expert advice on health for the use of the website.


  • Covid Dashboard of India which shows precise data using charts and graphs
  • Location based Covid dashboard which uses your location to show data of your state along with the district wise data
  • Chat bot that helps you diagnose Covid-19 by your symptoms
  • Appointment booking system to book an appointment with the health care experts
  • E-mail confirmation of your appointment
  • Products page which shows you the best deals on health care items
  • User friendly UI
  • Responsive design

How I built it

We divided our work among us and worked on them

We used the following tools

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • sendgrid
  • Bootstrap
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • fontawesome

Challenges I ran into

We had to face different challenges like time management, stress, bugs in the code,

What I learned

It was overall a brilliant learning opportunity we start our whole team a lot of things which did not previously know and has given us immense confidence while we completed this project in time and put present to you something presentable in a span of 48 hours we learnt new things like how to make charts and how to handle API. We also learnt team work and stress management.

What's next for MyDoc

We will be adding new upadates in the near future

  • Location based suggestions about the nearest hospitals and testing centers
  • More powerful chat bot which will diagnose more no of diseases
  • Payment gateway and E-commerce service

You can try 'MyDoc' at (

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