The COVID-19 situation made us realize that with thousands of patients monitoring their symptoms at home, we needed better communication between patients and doctors to make sure patients got the right attention they needed.

What it does:

MyDiya is a platform where patients can record their medical history as well as daily changes in their health, so they will 1) be pointed to the right resources for the COVID-19 situation and 2) get assessment from doctors.

How we built it:

We prototyped on Figma the UX design, and are in the process of developing the product by currently focusing on the front-end. Our current, fully-deployable website is at link. The health-tracking functionality is implemented and we will continue to implement our UX changes regarding COVID-19 that are showcased in our submitted video and prototype specifically.

Challenges we ran into:

We had a lot of discussion for the UX to make sure even elderly patients had no problem using our platform, and that it was intuitive to use. For example, we discussed how to place content and what format content should be in, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We feel that we effectively integrated COVID-19 tracking into our platform, with an intuitive user flow where patients can monitor their symptoms and ask doctors for help, as well as find out more information about the disease.

What we learned:

We learned to accommodate for an older target audience who were more likely to have medical issues (such as making text bigger!), as well as how to incorporate an efficient UI for patients keeping track of their health (keeping in mind what colors/designs stand out).

What's next for MyDiya:

We will finish fleshing out our UX to development and continue communicating with doctors on using our product, as well as reach out to audiences such as nursing homes for the patient side. We are also communicating with stakeholders on funding.

Built With

  • adobepremierepro
  • figma
  • html/css
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