MyFitnessPal & Microsoft

What it does

Your Developer Pal consumes diverse types data to give you a real time gauge of your Mood, Focus, & Vitality. It consumes facial expressions, email velocity, & interactions from Cortana. Works on mobile too! Fully OData compliant, so stats can be consumed, for example, by Excel.

How we built it

  • C# (UWP, ASP.Net, OData)
  • js/html/css
  • Microsoft cognitive services (Emotion, Sentiment Analysis)
  • Cortana
  • Webcam
  • Office Graph

Challenges we ran into

  • Emotion service isn't quite ready for video streams (used stills instead)
  • Various Azure/Office services needed some tinkering by the Microsoft peeps to get things working

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Trending emotional state of developer over time
  • Determining focus/productivity level

What we learned

  • Microsoft's cognitive services are more performant than we expected
  • It's pretty hard/time consuming to use the webcam without UWP. Without that, we would have ended up wrapping a C++ lib
  • It takes up to 24 hours to create a mailbox for new accounts #Panic

What's next for MyDevPal

  • Integration with VS to track comment sentiment and VSTS to track check-in velocity
  • Integrate w/chat bots to order pizza, beverages


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