OUR PRESENTATION AND DEMO HERE: https://link.storjshare.io/juz64vrmx62havrg4un6flgviova/demo-bucket%2Fmydatum%2FMyDatum.mp4

AND APP HERE (but be careful it's alpha :) well maybe a pre-alpha ): https://link.storjshare.io/jwfqda7iebfffb56duw3na6unwsq/demo-bucket%2Fmydatum%2FMyDatum_MVP.apk

And we sent an invitation to the organization on github to the specified mail.

What it does

Our application encrypts files before transferring them to the server using a key that is on the device. And decrypts them locally after downloading! Although OORT DSS and Storj support file encryption, the user must be sure that the key is stored on his device and is not transmitted anywhere. We have made this more convenient with a 12-word phrase from which the key is generated.

How we built it

We have developed our own proxy to make it easier for people to upload and download files. We have developed encryption and decryption functions using a key that is stored on the device and is not transmitted anywhere. We also made our NFT smart contract for access to the application, but there was a bug in the OORT RPC that did not allow us to check the presence of NFT on the wallet (sad). And finally, we have developed Android app for interacting with our service.

What we learned

Development on the OORT blockchain. Worked with OORT DSS and Storj DCS, file encryption and key management on mobile devices

What's next for MyDatum

  • Mobile App Improvement
  • Desktop application development
  • File sharing with end-to-end encryption
  • Shared encryption key on devices without storage on third-party servers (including our ones)

Built With

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