As computer science students, we are often lost in this vast world full of tremendous social and technical barriers. We want to help every future CS student to know their direction and be able to get on the correct path as soon as possible. Our experience taught us a lot, and we wanted to help those who haven't started yet so they can avoid wasting time and making same mistakes.

What it does

MyCSPath is a website that can be customized for specific CS clubs or institutions. It teaches students all the skills they require to succeed as a computer scientist. They start off by learning the fundamentals of CS and then pick a specific path to follow which suits their interests.

How I built it

We used django and python to build the backend database. On the front end we used HTML/CSS/Javascript along with the svg elements to create the tree sections. We compiled all of it into one single application and is ready to host.

Challenges I ran into

We had multiple challenges such as setting up django and configuring the database. When a student start he cannot jump ahead and complete other tasks until the sections before have been completed, submitted, and positively reviewed. We finally did manage to create such a limiting element. Another issue we ran into was editing the point system for reviews. Once a student's submission is accepted he/she will be given points for completing the section task. We also managed to get this working and when a reviewer accepts the submission the system automatically adds points to the users profile.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of what we have accomplished and are planning to implement this in our local ACM chapters to help out students get on track and work together towards success!

What I learned

We learned a great deal about django and databases. We also finally saw our personal experiences shape a product that can be used to help other students in their studies and life.

What's next for MyCSPath

We are hoping that other experienced students will join us and help us improve and expand this product to further its reach and integration into student CS clubs and their institutions.

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