The inefficiencies I experienced in the few times that I used coworking spaces

What it does

It gives the customer the ability to take full control and full advantage of the experience offered by coworking spaces, in an intuitive and smooth manner. It does that by enabling the customer to learn any piece of info or use any resource the coworking space provides, using intuitive single line commands.

How I built it

Sweat, blood, and tears

Challenges I ran into

Integrating both APIs from cobolt and Salto to work seamlessly together. Narrowing down on the main features to present during the short 5 minute presentation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it to work smothly !!!!!

What I learned

Working with others harmonuosly can exponentially improve the ideas involved in a project

What's next for MyCoworker

The next step would be polishing it to bring it to production grade, before finding a coworking space that are open to integrating it into their customer experience.

Built With

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