We have accompanied the Taurus brand since the launch of Mycook, its first digital robot with Wi-Fi, in the development of the software and the interconnectivity of the product to the cloud and to its recipe app, adaptable to different languages and platforms for the different marketing markets .

What was missing now? A voice app to pair Alexa with the Mycook food processor And here it is!

What it does

A skill for people who do things for people: cooking. That is why an interface has been developed that, in addition to its voice function, is very visual and easy for the user, the natural extension of the robot, the recipe book and your kitchen.

The brand's recipe book has 11,000 recipes, and every day there are more, as it feeds on the recipes posted by the community. With the skill you can search through different filters, see several proposals for the same dish prepared by different cooks, choose the one you like, know its ingredients, the steps of the recipe and, also, send the recipe to the robot so that, when let's start our robot to cook the first thing we see on the screen is the selected recipe.

In addition, as can already be done with the app, the skill also allows us to add the recipes that we choose to the menu planner or to view the proposals of the recipe book according to our personal tastes and needs (1, 3 or 5 meals a day).

How we built it

It has been our first complex development in Alexa and we have tried to use the tools we already knew: Docker, Node and Typescript for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Starting software from scratch is always a challenge. Our objective has been to facilitate that in many parts of the skill the user could only say the name of the recipe to make the dialogue more human. Implementing this for the search function has probably been the most complex challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of the recipe filtering system, since it allows you to iterate multiple times over the results until you find the recipes you want, searching by category, dish, labels, ingredients that are or are not in the recipe ... Implement the ability to go backwards between filters, selections, searches and others has also seemed a very practical function for the user.

What's next for Mycook

Other languages in addition to English and Spanish to support other communities where the robot is available. We also have some improvements to the menu planner in mind.

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