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I wanted to make a visualization that was visually appealing without sacrificing the user's control over theme color. It was a really interesting process to figure out the item template. But once I imported Bootstrap and played with the css, I was able to add more functionality and incorporate the flip cards that I had envisioned.

It was important for me to test my visualization against different schedules, especially with regards to text length.

Once the functionality was in place, I focused on making it mobile-friendly.

Then, I implemented the movie poster background images. I definitely experimented with all the theme colors. Some turned out better than others (blue vs. yellow for example).

And as a finishing touch, I added my favorite character, Dilbert, into the visualization as a background image.

Overall, it was a really good project to explore the WhenHub Whencast composer. I learned a great deal about visualizations and look forward to creating more visualizations in the future.

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