Phones are making people less social. A study has shown that more than 40% of Americans use their phones for entertainment when they’re bored. We think this is because people do not have other interesting options.

What it does

It is an app that takes the input of the user and finds upcoming events involving their interests nearby. The main goals are to 1. Help people connect with others of similar interests 2. Get people engaged in different activities 3. Allow people to message others at the same events 4. Build a stronger community!

How we built it

We used marvel app to prototype what our app would look like.

Challenges we ran into

Half our our group left on the first day and did not plan on returning, this put some extra stress on us knowing that we would have to take on more work as the day went on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of our ability to keep working after our other two team mates left.

What we learned

We learned that the user interface is very important while developing an app.

What's next for MyCompass

The next step for MyCompass is to make it come to life, with some coders that have some more skills than ourselves.

Built With

  • marvelapp
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